Staying single is often a choice, not something circumstantial, in fact more and more people opt for this way of life: singledom, a modern way of being single.

According to INE, the number of single-person households in our country is 25%. That is, one in four, but this figure is increasing.

For the time being this figure refers to, above all, men under 65 and old aged widows; although the number of women living alone has grown in the previous year by 2.6%. Additionally, the growth rate of single-person households occupied by under 65s is five times greater than that of older people.

It is a fact, therefore, that the single world is growing by leaps and bounds, hence new needs and demands are arising. In catering, reservations by single people who come to eat or to dine are becoming more and more common. Tables for one increase and the owners have to be prepared so that their menu adapts to these lifestyles. For example, Amsterdam has the first ever restaurant with only one-person tables, the EENMAAL. Asserting “You are your own company”.

On many occasions we find dishes or suggestions that impose a “minimum two people”, a clear example being with rice dishes. At this point we find a severe limitation which can provoke rejection or even loss of possible diners.

So that this does not become a barrier, we give you a simple, fast and very high quality solution. Our dishes  are available in individual portions so that everyone can enjoy theirs without needing to prepare a paella for more people.

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