Neither tortilla nor tapas, paella is the best known dish in terms Spanish cuisine on the Internet, and the fourth most searched for in the world. Perhaps this statement seems somewhat unbelievable, but a study reveals it. and the Rice and Paella School of Valencia carried out the International Paella Study in 2016 and the results showed that paella is the most searched for Spanish dish on the internet.

They began researching from the internet searches of a selection of the most popular dishes and recipes in each country, with the aim of finding out which recipes arouse most interest online on a global scale.

Between 2014 and 2015, paella searches increased 18.57%. This dish is behind pizza, sushi and risotto and ahead of iconic dishes like hamburgers and pasta.

Additionally, more than 1,700 surveys were carried out in 56 countries on 5 continents to learn about the preferences of the public regarding different types of rice. In the province of Valencia, 81% of the respondents prefer Valencian Paella much more than other rice dishes. In the Community, 60% of all respondents prefer the traditional Valencian paella, followed by those seafood rice dishes  with 21%.

In the rest of Spain, 33.62% prefer traditional paella. Although, also followed very closely by Mixed Paella with 33.1%. In third place, with 18.47%, we find Seafood. Black Rice and Black Rice are in fourth and fifth positions, with 5.05% and 3.14% respectively.

If we talk about the international scene, the great favourite is Mixed Paella, well above traditional paella, with 23.47% and seafood paella with 19.71%.

An essential dish, as you can see, is a must in any Spanish restaurant. As such, if you want to have a quality product and respond to these demands, do not hesitate to contact us.